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The La Trobe Journal 1968-2011 (No 1-88)

This website contains a full-text archive of the La Trobe Journal, a scholarly publication produced by State Library Victoria with support from the State Library Victoria Foundation. First published in April 1968, the journal features articles written by researchers who have drawn on the Library's rich and varied collections as source material.

This website allows you to:

  • browse through the entire archive, as well as read complete editions
  • search for and read individual articles
  • view and print articles or images
  • search articles by author, title and keyword

The La Trobe Journal 2012-present (No 89-)

More recent issues are available from the La Trobe Journal section of the State Library Victoria website.

You can also purchase hard copies of some recent issues from Readings Bookshop at the Library or through their online shop. Members of the State Library Victoria Foundation and Friends of the Library receive copies of the journal as part of their membership.