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No 3 April 1969

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La Trobe Library Journal
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The Friends of the La Trobe Library


Vol 1, No. 3 April 1969
Reminiscences of John Pascoe Fawkner 41
The Fawkner Papers Hugh Anderson 57
Select List of Additions to the Australian Manuscript and Historical Picture Collections, 1968 61
Comment: The Friends and Collectors 63
Editor: Geoffrey Serle
La Trobe Library Journal is published twice yearly in April and October. The annual subscription is $1–50. Single copies, 75 cents post-free. Subscriptions are payable to La Trobe Library Journal, c/o State Library of Victoria, Swanston St., Melbourne, Victoria 3000.
The cover-reproduction is from a medallion of C.J. La Trobe (Superintendent of the Port Phillip District 1839–51 and Lieutenant-Governor of Victoria 1851–4) by Thomas Woolner in 1853.