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No 7 April 1971

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La Trobe Library Journal
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The Friends of the La Trobe Library


Vol. 2, No. 7 April 1971
The Acquisitions Policy of the State Library of Victoria, 1853–1880 David McVilly 57
Letters from Tom Roberts to Frederick McCubbin 64
Manuscript: The Hanging of Two Aboriginals, 1842, from the Diary of James W. Dredge 77
Select List of Accessions to the Australian Manuscript and Historical Picture Collections, 1970 79
Notes 80
Editor: Geoffrey Serle
La Trobe Library Journal is published twice yearly in April and October. The annual subscription is $1.50. Single copies, 75 cents post-free. Subscriptions are payable to La Trobe Library Journal, State Library of Victoria, Swanston St., Melbourne, Victoria, 3000.
The cover-reproduction is from a medallion of C. J. La Trobe (Superintendent of the Port Phillip District 1839–51 and Lieutenant-Governor of Victoria 1851–4) by Thomas Woolner in 1853.