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No 25 April 1980


Select List of Accessions to the Australian Manuscript Collection, 1979

Historical and biographical records, 1846–1923 6 cm., xerox copy of typescript and photographs.
Copied from originals in the possession of the Australian Journalists’ Association (Victorian District).
Two volumes compiled by C. P. Smith (1878–1963), a journalist at one time on the staff of the Argus. They comprise historical records, chronologies, photographs and biographical sketches of proprietors, editors and staff of the newspapers.
ARGYLE, Sir Stanley Seymour
36 cm., original ms., typescript and printed.
Pres. by T. M. Argyle, Esq.
Sir Stanley Argyle (1867–1940) was Premier of Victoria from 1932 until 1935. A doctor before entering the Victorian Parliament in 1920, he also held at times the portfolios of Chief Secretary and Health. These papers include cuttings, speeches, correspondence and a journal kept during a tour of inspection of health care facilities in North America in 1927.
AUSTRALIAN Association of Relatives and
Friends of the Mentally Iill
Records, 1947–1974.
1.54 m., original ms., typed and printed.
Pres. by Mrs. Florence Raines, O.B.E.
This association was formed in 1945 by Mrs. Rosa Gilbert to work for better conditions for inmates of mental hospitals. After Mrs. Gilbert's death in 1958 Mrs. Raines carried on her work until the Association was wound up in 1974. The records comprise minutes, correspondence, newsletters and annual reports.
AUSTRALIAN Jewish Historical Society
92 cm., original ms., typescript, printed and photographs.
Deposited by the Australian Jewish Historical Society (Victorian Branch) through Rabbi John Levi.
A variety of items have been added to those deposited in 1972. Most important are the papers of Herman Schildberger and his wife, c. 1920–1970. These mainly concern Schildberger's musical career in Berlin and Melbourne.
AUSTRALIAN Labor Party, Victorian Branch
Records, c. 1915–1974.
74 m., original ms., typescript and printed.
Held on trust for the Australian Labor Party (Victorian Branch).
Part restricted.
With the exception of a small amount of earlier material, these are the records of the Australian Labor Party, Victorian Branch, from the 1955 split in the Party until 1974. They include minutes, correspondence and subject files, and complement the pre-1955 records held in the papers of the Democratic Labor Party, Victorian Branch.
BEALE, Anthony
12.5 cm., original ms.
Pres. by Dr. Geoffrey Beale.
Anthony Beale, at one time paymaster for the East India Company on the island of St. Helena, arrived in Melbourne in 1839, settling first at Newtown (Fitzroy) and later on the Plenty River. His diaries, with sketch illustrations, date from his years on St. Helena until the 1850's, but concentrate on the period 1839–1842.
BEALE, J. Lindsay
3 cm., original ms.
Pres. by Mrs. E. E. Beale through Dr. Douglas Callister.
J. Lindsay Beale, the son of Anthony Beale, was a small boy when he arrived in Melbourne in 1839. These reminiscences, written between 1879 and 1884, cover his boyhood on St. Helena and in Melbourne and his varied career as a farmer, bullock driver and golddigger.
BREAD and Cheese Club
Records, 1956–1978.
1.3 m., original ms., typescript, printed and photographs.
Pres. by Joseph Czynski, Esq., for the Bread and Cheese Club.
The Bread and Cheese Club was established in 1938 to support Australian literature, art and music. These records, which include minutes, correspondence, financial records, photographs, publications and memorabilia of the Club, complement those already held in the Australian Manuscripts Collection and the J. K. Moir Collection.
BROCK Family
1.12 m., original ms., typescript, printed and plans.
Pres. by Mrs. Jan Walker.
John Brock arrived in Victoria in 1835 and settled near what is now Diggers’ Rest. In 1837 he took the Bullanda Vale Run, and by his death in 1856 had added several other properties to his holdings. These papers relate mainly to his estate and to the family and business affairs of his son Alexander, in particular his many properties around Melbourne and in country areas.
BUESST, Tristan Nigel Marchand
48 cm., original ms., typescript, printed and photographs.
Presented by T. N. M. Buesst, Esq.
The papers of this former President of the Friends of the La Trobe Library include correspondence, personal papers, copies of articles published by Mr. Buesst and the minutes of the Loquor Club, a discussion group active in 1924–1925 whose members included R. G. Menzies, W R. Kent-Hughes and Keith Officer.
COLE, Thomas Anne Ward
Diaries, 1867–1882.
37 cm., original ms.
Thomas Anne Ward Cole (1810–1898) was the wife of George Ward Cole, a prominent Melbourne businessman and parliamentarian. Her diaries include valuable detail or social and domestic life at the time. Also one diary kept by her son William (1848–1866) in the last months of his life.
CONGREGATIONAL Union of Victoria.
2.74 m., original ms., typed and printed.
Pres. by Elsternwick Congregational Church through J. R. McLoghlin, esq., and the Congregational Church of Victoria through Miss Edna Haynes.
Records of the Caulfield, Elsternwick, Malvern, Gardiner and Ascot Vale churches, the Congregational College and the Victorian Congregational Historical Society have been added to this extensive collection.
DAVIS, Mervyn Twynham
1.00 m., original ms., typescript, printed, plans and photographs.
Pres. by Miss Mervyn Davis.
Part restricted.
Records of the work of Miss Davis, a noted landscape architect, including plans, specifications and photographs of each of her projects. The collection also includes correspondence, largely to do with the Australian Institute of Landscape Architecture, of which Miss Davis was the founder and first Fellow.
DYSON, Edward
1.20 m., original ms., typescript, printed and photographs.
Edward Dyson was a noted novelist, playwright and poet, brother of the cartoonist Will Dyson and connected with the Lindsays. His papers include literary manuscripts; publishing contracts; correspondence; and material relating to the Ishmael Club, including a photograph of Club members, the printed rules of the Club and a scroll written and decorated by Norman Lindsay.
FRIENDS of the La Trobe Library
Records, 1966–1976.
6 cm., original ms., typescript and processed.
Pres. by Major-General R. R. McNicoll for the Committee of the Friends of the La Trobe Library.
To the Friends’ records already held in the Collection have been added minutes, reports and circulars from the years 1972–1975, membership lists 1966–1976 and correspondence.
GRAZIERS’ Association of Victoria
Records, 1891–1979.
32 m., original ms., typescript, printed and photographs.
Pres. by the Graziers’ Association of Victoria.
The Graziers’ Association of Victoria, which in 1979 became part of the Victorian Farmers’ and Graziers’ Association, was founded in 1891. The records include minutes, correspondence and membership records of the Association and its related bodies, records of meetings of the Australian Woolgrowers’ and Graziers’ Council and its predecessors, and records of arbitration proceedings.
HALL, Lindsay Bernard
1.35 m., original ms., typescript, printed and photographs.
Pres. by Mrs. A. G. Beardsley.
Bernard Hall (1859–1935) a noted artist, was Director of the National Gallery of Victoria for over forty years. These papers include diaries, notebooks and correspondence (including letters written home during the trip to England on which he died). There is also a large collection of papers relating to the Shakespeare-Bacon controversy, in which Hall took an active interest.
HEAPE, Samuel
Journal, 1853–1854.
0.8 cm., original ms.
Describes the experiences of Samuel Heape, with his wife and sons, on board the Kent, which sailed from London to Melbourne between October, 1853, and January, 1854, followed by the family's first few days in Melbourne.
HIDER Smith Pty. Ltd.
Records, 1910–1978.
5.18 m., original ms.
Pres. by Hider Smith Pty. Ltd.
Records of a firm of furniture retailers based in Richmond, including ledgers, journals, cash books and records of goods purchased.
KING, Ethleen Bridges
4.24 m., original ms., typescript, processed and printed.
Pres. by Mrs. Ethleen Bridges King.
Mrs. King has been an executive member of many organisations, including the Council of
La Trobe University, the National Council of Women, the Australian Pre-School Association and others in the fields of education and welfare. Her papers include minutes, correspondence and reports relating to these organisations.
34 cm., original ms., typescript, printed and photographs.
These papers, which complement those purchased in 1978, include the working manuscript of Lambert's Twenty thousand thieves, with deletions, additions and corrections; a diary kept in 1941 and a scrapbook on which parts of the book were based; other literary manuscripts; and correspondence and scrapbooks.
MACARTNEY, Frederick Thomas
17.5 cm., original ms., typescript and printed.
Pres. by F. T. Macartney, Esq.
F. T. Macartney is probably best known for his revision of E. Morris Miller's Australian literature. These papers include correspondence relating to that work; correspondence with many Australian literary figures; and Macartney's notes on a number of Australian writers.
MACKNIGHT, C. H. and A. C.
Architectural records.
10.20 m., original ms., typescript, printed and plans.
Pres. by Darien Cassidy, Esq.
The architectural practice of C. H. and A.C. MacKnight was based in Corowa and extended through north-eastern Victoria and southern New South Wales. It specialised in pise construction. These records, covering a period of about 70 years, mainly comprise client files, including correspondence, specifications and plans.
MELBOURNE Society of Women Painters and Sculptors
Records, 1906–1979.
30 cm., original ms., typescript, printed and photographs.
Pres. by the Melbourne Society of Women Painters and Sculptors through Mrs. Margery McChesney Mathews.
The Society, which was founded in 1901, was first known as the Woombellamo Art Club (Woombellamo — an aboriginal word meaning “beautiful”). These records include minutes, scrapbooks, catalogues and other publications. Much of the material relates to Ola Cohn, who was president of the Society for several terms. The Society now has its headquarters in the Ola Cohn Centre for the Arts in East Melbourne.
Literary manuscripts.
11 cm., original ms., typescript and printed.
Pres. by Fred Parsons, Esq.
These papers comprise the typescript of Parsons’ biography of the comedian Roy Rene, A man called Mo, with extensive manuscript corrections; and a collection of volumes containing the jokes, sketches and songs of the vaudeville comedian Roy Kent.
Literary manuscript.
1.5 cm., original ms.
Eric Partridge (1894–1979) was a New Zealand-born and Australian-educated author and etymologist. He lived in England from the mid-1920's, where he founded the Scholartis Press. This manuscript is his extensively revised and corrected contribution, entitled “Frank Honeywood, Private”, to Three personal records of the war (London, Scholartis Press, 1929).
PHARMACEUTICAL Society of Victoria
52 cm., original ms., printed and photographs.
On permanent loan from the Pharmaceutical Society of Victoria.
To its substantial records of the history of pharmacy in Victoria already held in the Australian Manuscripts Collection, the Society has added a collection of photographs, 1870–1970; minutes of the Council of the Society, 1868–1886; annual reports, 1963–1968; and scrap-books relating to pharmacy in Victoria.
PHILLIPS, Arthur Angell
Letters to Douglas Stewart, 1943–1977.
0.5 cm., xerox copy of original ms. and typescript.
Copied from originals in the National Library of Australia.
The Australian Manuscripts Collection already holds 44 letters from Douglas Stewart to A. A. Phillips, 1944–1971. The copies now added to the collection represent Phillips’ side of the correspondence. The earlier letters mainly concern Dolia Ribush's production of Stewart's play Ned Kelly; the later correspondence is of literary affairs in general, with much discussion of Phillips’ and Stewart's work.
PRISONERS’ Aid Society of Victoria
Records, 1872–1972.
15.12 m., original ms., typescript, printed and photographs.
Pres. by the Victorian Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders.
The Victorian Discharged Prisoners’ Aid Society was founded in 1872 “to afford assistance to discharged prisoners with a view to their restoration to a virtuous and honest mode
of living”. It has now become the Victorian Association for the Care and Resettlement of Prisoners. The records include minutes, correspondence, appointment diaries, applications for aid and printed material.
REGENT Theatre Committee of Inquiry
Records, 1975.
26 cm., original ms., typescript, printed and xerox.
Pres. by Ronald G. Lyon, Esq.
In February, 1975, the Premier of Victoria established a Committee of Inquiry into uses to be made of the Regent Theatre in Collins Street, Melbourne. These records, presented by a member of the Committee, comprise submissions to the Committee, transcripts of hearings, correspondence and the report of the Committee.
Literary manuscripts.
10 cm., original ms., typescript and xerox.
Pres. by Betty Roland.
To an earlier collection of papers presented to the Library, Ms. Roland has added the typescript of The gate of bronze, a play written by her at the age of 17; extensively revised typescripts of her novel No ordinary man and the recently-published Caviare for breakfast; and a typescript of Beyond Capricorn.
SAYERS, Charles Edward
Papers and literary manuscripts.
2.16 m., original ms., typescript, printed and photographs.
Pres. by E. S. Sayers, Esq.
Part restricted.
These records of the career of the journalist and historian C. E. Sayers (1901–1979) include cutting books; working papers and correspondence relating to his historical works; typescripts of unpublished fiction and of his historical and biographical works, including his unpublished biographies of Horatio Spencer Wills and Sir Keith Murdoch; and records of the work of the British Ministry of Information's Far Eastern Bureau, of which Sayers was Director General.
SMYTHESDALE Mechanics’ Institute
Minute Book, 1866–1886.
5.5 cm., original ms.
In the period covered by these minutes Smythesdale was the centre of a thriving mining region. The minutes of the Mechanics’ Institute provide a valuable insight not only into the activities of the Institute but also into the social and cultural life of the town.
STANLEY, Lady Margaret
Correspondence, 1900–1930.
39 cm., original ms.
Pres. by Mrs. Adelaide Lubbock.
Lady Margaret Stanley was the wife of Sir Arthur (later Lord) Stanley, Governor of Victoria from 1914 to 1920. The major part of this collection comprises letters written home to her mother during this period, providing lively accounts of the social life of Melbourne at the time. Many of the letters have been published in Adelaide Lubbock's People in glass houses: growing up in Government House (Melbourne, Nelson, 1977).
TUCKER, Gordon
Journal, 1853–1857.
1 cm., original ms.
Gordon Tucker sailed from New York for Melbourne on the Rockland in April, 1853. His journal is an entertaining account of the voyage, his experiences on various of the Victorian goldfields and his journey back to New York, where he arrived in January, 1857.
WARDEN, Andrew Duncan
Diary, 1900.
0.5 cm., original ms.
Pres. by Mrs. Andrew Peacock.
A. D. Warden was a sergeant in No. 3 Company of the Second (Mounted Rifles) Victorian Contingent sent to the Boer War. His diary covers the period from embarkation in January, 1900, through his active service in South Africa to his return to Australia in November, 1900.
Diary, 1900.
1 cm., original ms.
Pres. by Squadron-Leader W. J. E. White.
John White was a gunner in the Victorian Naval Contingent sent to China at the time of the Boxer Rebellion. His diary covers in great detail his activities from arrival in China on 15 September, 1900, until 7 November, 1900. (The Contingent did not leave China until March, 1901.) It includes a list of mementoes brought back from China by White.
KRUGER, Frederick
Two albums of views, townships, country life and Aborigines in Victoria. 1878. 145 photos. Two photographs are signed on mount at lower left.
Presented by Miss Sylvie Taggart.
Kruger was an important pioneer photographer.
Royal Mint, Melbourne. 1933. Ink and wash architectural drawing.
Presented by the artist.
The drawing was entered in the Royal Victorian Institute of Architects’ measured drawing competition in 1933.
Portrait of Frederick Macartney. Undated. Oil.
Signed lower right.
Presented by Frederick Macartney, Esq.
COBB, Victor
Collected etchings. c. 1910–1945. 71 etchings signed and mounted.
The collection, mainly of Melbourne scenes and buildings during the thirties, is a good cross section of the work of a traditional early twentieth century printer. It has been supplemented by a collection of family photographs presented by the artist's grandchildren.
Five paintings. n.d. Oil. Unsigned.
Bequeathed by Mrs. P. B. Cowell, sister of the artist.
Includes Australian Homestead.
Etchings and drawings by Bill Dyson and members of the Lindsay family. Various dates. 10 etchings and drawings. Signed.
Presented by T. Ovenden, Esq.
Tyalla. 1880. 2 watercolours. Signed.
Bequeathed by Dr. A. H. Scholes.
Tyalla, in Toorak, was residence of James Balfour, son-in-law of James Henty. The paintings are part of a collection of material which includes daguerrotypes, ambrotypes and photographs of the Henty, Balfour and Scholes families.
LINDT, John William
Photographs. n.d. 71 photographs.
Presented by Mrs. Agnes Walter.
The photographs, of Melbourne and suburbs, country centres and bush scenes, are in mint condition. They supplement the Library's fine collection of the work of this leading early photographer.
A.E.W. and others
Drawings of Geelong and Bacchus Marsh. 1849–1870. 16 pencil drawings, heightened with white, and lithograph.
The drawings are a valuable visual record of the area between Geelong and Bacchus Marsh. They appear to be the work of at least two artists, neither of whom has yet been identified although clearly they relate to the Bakewell Collection already held by the Library.