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No 32 December 1983

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Notes on Contributors

Raymond Wright, Tutor in Geography at Monash University, is currently completing a Ph.D. thesis on the role of bureaucrats as land managers in colonial Victoria.
Michael Watson is a librarian working in the Art, Music and Performing Arts Library of the State Library of Victoria.
Jennifer Feeney is a member of the staff of the Australian Manuscripts Collection in the La Trobe Library, State Library of Victoria.
Peter Love, a post-graduate student at the Australian National University, is preparing a biography of Frank Anstey.
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The La Trobe Library

is a section of the State Library of Victoria and is Victoria's chief research centre and reference library for Australian history and literature. It is the State's principal repository for manuscript material, historical paintings, newspapers, etc., relating to the history of Australia and the Pacific and especially Victoria.

Friends of The La Trobe Library

is a society founded in 1966. Its aims are to publicise the Library, to attract financial support for it, to help to fill gaps in the book-collection, and to encourage the donation of manuscript and other material.
With regard to the last objective, the Friends seek to locate diaries, letters and other family or institutional papers which have survived, and to acquire such material for the Library or to arrange to have it photo-copied by negotiation with the owners.
The Friends' Patrons are His Excellency, Rear-admiral Sir Brian Murray, K.C.M.G., A.O., K.St.J. (Patron-in-chief); Hon. John Cain, Q.C., M.L.A.; Hon. Sir Rupert Hamer, K.C.M.G., E.D.; Hon. Sir Henry Bolte, G.C.M.G.; Professor R.M. Crawford; and Mrs. Margaret Carnegie.
The Friend's office bearers are: President, Dr. Lurline Stuart; Vice-President, Professor A. G. L. Shaw; Hon. Treasurer, S. R. C. Wood, D. F. C.; Hon. Secretary, John Arnold; Librarian, Miss Dianne Reilly (La Trobe Librarian).
The Committee of the Friends comprises: John Holroyd; Dr. Martin Sullivan; Tony Marshall; Marjorie Morgan; Dr. Alan Frost; Nigel Sinnott; Marion Amies; and Mimi Colligan. The State Librarian, W. M. Horton, attends by invitation.
New Friends will be welcomed, especially if they are prepared to be active. The annual subscription is $15 (which includes the Journal). The Friends' address is State Library of Victoria, Swanston Street, Melbourne, 3000.
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