State Library Victoria > La Trobe Journal

No 37 Autumn 1986


Publication Notes

Microfiche Publications

For some time now, the Library Council of Victoria has been publishing microfiche editions of a wide range of out-of-print works of interest to historians and genealogists.
Items available include:
  • Baillière’ s Official Post Office Directories of Victoria, 1868–1881, and Wise's Victorian Post Office Directories, 1884–1900.
  • Sands and Kenny's Melbourne Directories, 1857–1861, and Sands and McDougall's Melbourne Directories, 1862–1872.
  • Port Phillip and Victorian Directories, 1839–1867, comprising 39 of the earliest general and local directories.
  • Baillière's Gazetteers of Victoria for 1865, 1870 and 1879.
  • the Victorian voters’ roll for the 1899 Federation referendum.
  • the Victorian rolls for the 1908 Federal election.
Further publications are now in hand, including the voters’ rolls for the 1903 and 1912 Federal elections and Sands and McDougall's Melbourne Directories for the years 1873–1883.
Each set of microfiche is accompanied by a hard-copy index. Prices (which include postage and packing) vary according to the number of fiche in each set and for those currently available range from $22 for the Sands and Kenny's Melbourne Directories of 1857–1861 to $100 for the 1862–1872 Sands and McDougall's Melbourne Directories.
Further information is available from the State Library of Victoria, at 328 Swanston Street, Melbourne 3000; enquiries should be directed to Mrs. Frances Brown.

Selection Policy

Since mid-1983 the staff of the State Library (and in particular its Selection Committee, led by the Director of Technical Services, Fran Awcock) has been preparing a selection policy for the Library. The intention of this document is to establish a policy for the development of the Library's collections, taking into account the needs of major client groups (both now and in the future) and the role of other libraries’ collections (especially in Victoria).
The policy, which has now been published, begins by outlining the role of the Library, the nature of, and need for, selection, and the categories of users of the Library. It then discusses each subject area with which the Library is concerned, including Victorian imprints and the La Trobe Collections (manuscripts, oral history, pictures, Australian rare books and the Riley and Ephemera Collection).
The State Library of Victoria Selection Policy (ISBN 0–909962–51–0) is available from the State Library for $10.00.