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No 38 Spring 1986

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Vol. 10, No. 38 Spring, 1986
The Royal Australasian Ornithologists' Union Archive P. J. Dillon and E. L. Jones 29
Why I became interested in Natural History H. G. Barnard 33
An Australian in Siberia, 1903 R. E. Trebilcock 35
Birds and lighthouses Tess Kloot 40
“A regular correspondence … on matters ornithological” D. L. Serventy and F. B. Lawson Whitlock 42
Captain White's photographs 48
John Cotton's garden gate Tess Kloot 50
Notes on contributors 52
Editor : Tony Marshall
Editor's note. This issue of the Journal draws heavily on the Archive of the Royal Australasian Ornithologists' Union. I am deeply indebted to Mrs. Tess Kloot for her assistance in selecting those items published and for preparing the introductory and biographical notes which accompany them.
The La Trobe Library Journal is published twice yearly, in Autumn and Spring. The annual subscription (payable to La Trobe Library Journal, State Library of Victoria, Swanston Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000) is $10.00, including postage. The price of each single issue is $4.00.
The cover design, which is by Lance Stirling Design Studios, incorporates for this issue an illustration of Magpie Geese by Frank Knight. Mr. Knight is Illustrator for the C.S.I.R.O.'s Division of Wildlife Research; this illustration was prepared for use by the Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union when it hosted the 16th International Ornithological Congress in August, 1974.
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In the article “A regular correspondence … on matters ornithological”, at pages 42–47 of the La Trobe Library Journal, vol.10, no.38 (Spring, 1986), for “Waddington” read “Maddington” throughout.