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No 41 Autumn 1988

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The Great Sovth Land

An Exhibition of Books Relating
to the European Discovery
and Exploration of

The Queen's Hall, State Library of Victoria 14 June to 31 August 1988

The Friends of the State Library of Victoria Library Council of Victoria, Melbourne, 1988
La Trobe Library Journal
Published By
The Friends of the La Trobe Library


Vol. 11, No. 41 Autumn 1988
Introduction to the Great South Land Brian Gerrard 3
Imaginary voyages Derrick Moors 8
European voyages of discovery Des Cowley 15
The literature of Cook's voyages O.H.K. Spate 25
The voyage of the First Fleet Jonathan Wantrup 30
Guest Editor: Des Cowley
Editor's note: This catalogue to the exhibition ‘The Great South Land’ has been published as a special issue of the La Trobe Library Journal. The exhibition, in The Queen's Hall of the State Library of Victoria from 14 June to 31 August, 1988, aims to make available to the public, via display, a selection of the rare and valuable material in the State Library's collections relating to the European discovery and exploration of Australia.
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Cover: Detail from hand coloured facsimile of Pierre Desceliers 1550 world map.
The Great South Land has been published jointly by The Friends of the State Library of Victoria and the Library Council of Victoria.
ISSN 0041-3151The Friends of the State Library of Victoria
ISBN 0 909962 70 7Library Council of Victoria