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No 43 Autumn 1989

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La Trobe Library Journal
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The Friends of the State Library of Victoria Contents
Vol. 11, No. 43 Autumn, 1989
Reprinted, Spring, 1989

Koori History Sources For Aboriginal Studies In The State Library Of Victoria

Introduction Tom Griffiths 1
Living as a Koori in Victoria Albert Mullet
Introduced by Wayne Atkinson
Why Use Koori? Richard Broome 5
Making Provision for the Native Peoples of the Empire: Joseph Orton, Missionary in Jamaica and Australasia Alex Tyrrell 6
The Journals of George Augustus Robinson Gary Presland 9
The La Trobe Library Collection of the Papers of Assistant Protector William Thomas Marie Hansen Fels 13
Squatters' Journals Ian D. Clark 16
The Godfrey Sketchbook Jennifer Phipps 19
One Squatter's Story: The Peter Beveridge Papers Jan Penney 20
Reading Sources in Aboriginal History: Mission Station Visitors Books Bain Attwood 21
Noble Savages or Ourselves Writ Strange? Idealism and Empiricism in the Aboriginal Sculpture of Charles Summers Christine Downer 27
The A. W. Howitt Papers Ian D. Clark 30
Early Photographs of Aborigines in the Picture Collection Carol Cooper 32
Using Colonial Newspapers to Research Aboriginal History William Kerley 36
Tracing the Humanitarian Strain in Black-White Encounters Richard Broome 37
A Prophecy Unfulfilled: ‘The Last of the Victorian Aborigines' by Percy Leason Christine Downer 39
Aboriginal Motifs in Design: Frances Derham and the Arts and Crafts Society of Victoria Jonathan Parsons 41
Constructing Kooris in the 20th Century Victorian Press Richard Broome 43
Sources of Aboriginal History in the Riley and Ephemera Collection Marg McCormack 44
The Editor would like to thank John Arnold, Bain Attwood, Richard Broome, Christine Downer, and Tony Marshall for their assistance in the design and editing of this volume. Thanks also to the Photographic Section of the State Library of Victoria.
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Cover photograph: Elizabeth Gilliam, Lee Coombes and Friends, gelatin silver photograph, 1987 (La Trobe Collection, State Library of Victoria, purchased 1987).
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