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No 47 & 48 1991

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La Trobe Library Journal
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The Friends of the State Library of Victoria Editor: Teresa Pagliaro
Thanks are due to the following:
Subediting: Andrew Lemon & John Arnold
Proofreading: John Holroyd & Andrew Lemon
Vol. 12, Nos. 47 & 48 (Issued September 1992) Double Issue 1991


Editorial 72
The La Trobe Library: A History - Dianne Reilly 73
The Australian Manuscript Collection - Tony Marshall 76
Frederick J. Riley and the Origins of the Riley and Ephemera Collection - Marg McCormack 82
The Newspaper Collection of the State Library - Deirdre Wilmott 85
Family History and the La Trobe Library - Frances Brown 88
The La Trobe Rare Book Collection - Des Cowley 91
In the Limelight: Theatrical Collections in the La Trobe Library - Joan Maslen 96
An Extraordinary Man: John Kinmont Moir - John Arnold 100
The Library and its Friends - John Holroyd 107
Editor: Mimi Colligan
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Front Cover
Eugene von Guerard, “Head of the Mitta Mitta, Eagle's View of the Mountains”. Oil, 1879. Gift of Tristan Buesst, 1967. Pictures Collection, La Trobe Library. Tristan Buesst was the First President of the Friends of the La Trobe Library.
We acknowledge with gratitude the colour cover made possible by the Mrs. Borrow fund.