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No 49 Autumn 1992

Mason, Firth & M'Cutcheon, Printers, 516 Little Collins St.

First Lots to be Offered.
Rare Autograph Letters, &c.

A 12 rare old Engravings, relating to the Early History of Australia; very scarce
B Letter of Robert Southey, Poet Laureate
C Curious Letter, known as “The Glove Letter,” carried under the glove in the troublous times of Scotland, addressed to “My Lord Boyle and My Lady Boyle” (Earl and Countess of Glasgow)
D Letter by Professor Blackie, formerly Greek Professor at the Edinburgh University; also Envelope, addressed by him to T. Christie
E Letter by Sir Walter Scott, August 10th, 1804
F Letter to Lord Melbourne, by D. Macfarlan, Principal of Glasgow College, November 2nd, 1833
G Copy of a Letter in the Duke of Argyle's own hand-writing, to his brother, Lord Colin Campbell, April 19th, 1822
H Doctor's Diploma (Glasgow), on parchment, with, among others, the signature of the famous Dr. Joseph Bell
I Blank Lieutenant's Commission to James Martin, signed by Prince Charles Edward Stuart, P.R. (Prince Regent), for his father, James VII.
Prince Charles led the Jacobite Rising in Scotland, and was defeated at Culloden Moor, 1745
J Deed, by Lyon (old Earl of Kinghorne, now extinct Scottish title in the Covenanting period)
K Letter, by the Earl of Lauderdale, August 30th, 1676 (old Kilsyth MSS.)
Earl of Lauderdale persecuted the Covenanters in Scotland, and tried to force them to have a Liturgy in the Church
L Autograph of Rider Haggard, author of “She,” &c.
M Autograph of Joseph Thomson, the great traveller
N 4 original Pencil Sketches, by Kenny Meadows (for his illustrated Shakespeare)
O Gaiety Book, portraits of Nellie Farren, and the other members of the Gaiety Company (printed for private circulation)


Histories—American, Irish, and Scotch.

1 Bancroft's Constitution of the United States 2
2 Jackson's Constitution of America, 1783; very rare
3 Messages of the Presidents of the United States, calf; very rare
4 Jennings' Republican Government of the United States
5 Tocqueville's Democracy in America; Life in Mexico, by Madame de La Barea 2
6 Bancroft's United States 6
7 John Mitchel's History of Ireland 2
8 James Godkin's Land War in Ireland
9 Duffy's Four Years of Irish History
10 Barrington's Recollections of Irish History; The Irish Nation; Michel's Conquest of Ireland; Morley's Life of Burke 5
11 J. H. Burton's History of Scotland 7
12 J. H. Burton's History of Scotland, 1689–1748 2
13 Chambers' Domestic Annals of Scotland, half-calf 3
14 Robertson's Scotland under Her Early Kings 2
15 Robertson's Historical Essays

Histories (English).

16 Froude's History of England, from the Fall of Wolsey to the Defeat of the Spanish Armada 12
17 Gardiner's History of England, 1603–1616 2
18 Stubb's Constitutional History of England 4
19 Molesworth's History of England 3
20 Erskine May's Constitutional History of England, 1760–1860 2
21 Hallam's History of England 3
22 Hallam's View of the State of Europe during the Middle Ages 3
23 Macaulay's History of England 8
24 Mahon's History of England, 1713–83 7
25 Dr. Lingard's History of England, 1066–1689 13
26 Alison's History of Europe, 1774–1852 21
27 Burnet's History of His Own Time, half-calf 4
28 Furley's History of the Weald of Kent 3
29 Clarendon's History of the Rebellion 7
30 Buckle's History of Civilisation in England 3
31 Stanhope's History of the Reign of Queen Anne
32 Walpole's Journal of the Reign of King George III., edited by Dr. Doran 2
33 Sanford's Studies and Illustrations of the Great Rebellion
34 George Canning and His Times, by Stapleton
35 Prince Charles and the Spanish Marriage, by S. R. Gardiner 2
36 Whitelock's Memorials 4
37 Clarendon's Life, and Continuation 2
38 Sanford's Estimates of English Kings
39 Seeley's The Expansion of England; Ransome's Short History of England; Pearson's English History of the Fourteenth Century 3
40 Palgrave's History of the Anglo-Saxons, illustrated
41 Bagehot's English Constitution; Amos' Fifty Years of the English Constitution, 1830–1880 2
42 Froissart's Chronicles of the Various Countries, by John Bourchier, full-calf 4
43 Lord Brougham's Statesmen of the Time of George III. 2


44 Reeves' History of the English Law, calf; fine old copy 4
45 Grey's Debates of the House of Commons, 1667–1694, calf 10
46 Todd on Parliamentary Government in England 2
47 Todd's Government in the British Colonies
48 May on The Law and Practice of Parliament; Syme's Representative Government in England 2
49 Allen on The Royal Prerogative; Forsyth's History of the Trial by Jury 2
50 Thomson's Essay of the Magna Charta of King John; scarce
51 Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England, 1821 4
52 The Parliaments and Councils of England, chronologically arranged from the reign of William I. to the Revolution in 1688
53 Homersham Cox's The Institutions of the English Government
54 The Government of England, by W. E. Hearn, half-calf
55 Lieber's Civil Liberty and Self-Government; Bentham's Theory of Legislation 2
56 Wilson's Modern English Law; Curteis' The Roman Empire; Smith's English Institutions 3
57 Child's Church and State under the Tudors
58 Brewer's English Studies
59 May's History of the Long Parliament
60 The Black Book; very old and scarce
61 Doyle's Reminiscences and Opinions; Sprigg's England's Recovery 2
62 England under Seven Administrations, by Albany Fonblanque 3
63 Maetzner's English Grammar 3
64 Chambers' English Literature 2
65 Shelley's Poetical Works, edited by Mrs Shelley 4
66 Shakespeare, His Mind and Art, by Dowden; William Shakespeare, by Carl Eske 2
67 The Book of Nurture (The Babees Book), by Hugh Rhodes and John Russell; scarce
68 Turner's Studies in Russian Literature; Sophocles 2
69 The Satires of Juvenal, by Leper; Matthew Arnold's Essays, &c. 4
70 The Colonial Policy of the Administration of Lord John Russell, by Earl Grey 2
71 Pearson's Early and Middle Ages; scarce
72 A Diary of Two Parliaments, by Lucy; Bubb Dodington's Diary 2
73 Froude's Short Studies of Great Subjects
74 Carlyle's History of Frederick the Great 6
75 Longman's History of the Life and Times of Edward III. 2
76 Vehse's History of the Court of Austria; Memoirs of the Court of Prussia 3
77 Ramsay's Manual of Roman Antiquities; Cox's History of Greece 2
78 Register of the University of Oxford; Oxford Historical Society. by Clarke and Boase 3
79 The Early History of Oxford; Hearne's Collection 2
80 Ruskin's Modern Painters, vols. 3 and 4 in 1
81 Typical Selections from English Writers 3
82 Earle's Philology of the English Tongue; Bright's English History 3
83 Bosworth's Anglo-Saxon and English Dictionary; and Ross' Grammar 2
84 Green's Roman Law; Merivale's History of Roman Law 2


85 Kemble's Saxons in England 2
86 Formularies of Faith during the Reign of Henry VIII; a very old edition
87 Maitland's The Reformation; do The Dark Ages; do on the Albigenses 3
88 Tracts on the Civil Wars in England in the Reign of King Charles I., 1815 2
89 Cardwell's Documentary Annals, calf 2
90 do Synodalia, calf 2
91 Westcott's History of the English Bible
92 Stanley's Eastern Church; Blunt's Scriptural Coincidences 2
93 Sermons by J. N. Pearson; Archer Butler's Sermons 2
94 Isaac Taylor's Words and Places; Guesses at Truth 2
95 Maurice's Country Church Sermons; Literature and Dogma, by Matthew Arnold 2
96 Strongford's Letters on Theology; Memoirs of Bishop Mackenzie; Taylor's Holy Living and Dying 3
97 Robertson's Sermons; Church's Advent Sermons 3
98 Freemantle's Gospel of Secular Life; Cardinal Wiseman's Lectures, &c. 4
99 Renan's Book of Job; Works of George Borrow, &c. 4


100 Finlay's History of Greece 7
101 Student's Greece, and Gibbon, &c. 3
102 Mommsen's History of Rome 5
103 Arnold's History of Rome 3
104 Arnold's History of the Later Commonwealth 2
105 Niebuhr's Lectures on the History of Rome, edited by Dr. Schmitz 3
106 Niebuhr's Lectures on Ancient History 3
107 Dr. Schmitz's History of Rome; Merivale's Fall of the Roman Republic 2
108 Gibbon's History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, edited by Dr. Wm. Smith 8
109 Don John of Austria; or, Passages from the History of the Sixteenth Century, 1547–1578 2
110 Motley's History of United Netherlands 4
111 Motley's Rise of the Dutch Republic
112 Geijer's History of the Swedes, half-calf
113 Creasy's History of the Ottoman Turks; Napier's History of the Peninsular War 2
114 Prescott's History of the Conquest of Peru; Samuelson's Roumania, Past and Present 2

Memoirs, Letters, and Biographies.

115 The Granville Memoirs 8
116 Memoirs of the Life of Sir Samuel Romilly, written by himself 3
117 Sir Robert Peel's Memoirs 2
118 Oliver Cromwell's Letters and Speeches, by Thomas Carlyle 3
119 Miscellaneous Writings of Lord Macaulay 2
120 Fox's Speeches, half-calf 6
121 Memoirs of Edmund Ludlow; old edition 3
122 Ellis' Original Letters, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd series, half-calf 11
123 Rev. Sydney Smith's Memoirs; Rev. Sydney Smith's Works 4
124 Memoirs and Correspondence of John Evelyn, edited by Lord Braybrook 10
125 Correspondence of George III. with Lord North, 1768–83, by Donne 2
126 Letters of Horace Walpole (Earl of Oxford) to Sir Horace Mann, edited by Lord Dover 3
127 Markham's Life of the Great Lord Fairfax
128 Life and Letters of Lord Macaulay, by Trevelyan; Macaulay's Critical and Historical Essays 2
129 Trevelyan's Early History of Charles James Fox
130 Life and Character of Sir R. Peel, by Sir L. Peel; Sir H. L. Bulwer's Historical Characters 2
131 George Eliot's Life 2
132 Southey's Life of Nelson; Cavendish's Life of Wolsey 2
133 Washington Irving's Life of George Washington 4
134 Jefferson's Memoirs and Correspondence 4
135 Memoirs of an ex-Minister, by Malmsbury; Life of Canning; M‘Mahon's Essays, &c. 4
136 Langhorne's Plutarch's Lives
137 The Mabinogion, by Lady Charlotte Guest, beautifully illustrated, half-morocco
138 Voltaire, by John Morley; Diderot, do do 3
139 Memoirs of the Empress Catherine; Guizot's St. Louis; Tytler's Marie Antoinette; Joan of Arc 4

Jurisprudence, Political Economy, &c.

140 Holland's Jurisprudence; Hearn's The Aryan Household 2
141 Hearn's Legal Duties and Rights; Maine's Ancient Law 2
142 Six Centuries of Work and Wages, by Thorald Rogers 2
143 The Evidence Given by Lord Overstone to the House of Commons on Bank Acts
144 Sidgwick's Method of Ethics; Cliffe Leslie's Political and Moral Philosophy 2
145 Fawcett's Speeches
146 Sir William Hamilton's Discussion on Philosophy; and Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations 2
147 Laveleye's Primitive Property
148 Herman Paul's Principles of the History of Languages, translated by H. A. Strong
149 Peschell's Elements of Physics 3
150 The Theory of Foreign Exchanges; Politics for the People; Burton's Benthamiana 3
151 The Earth as Modified by Human Action
152 Ansted's Physical Geography; Somerville's do 2
153 Darwin's Descent of Man, and Darwin's Origin of Species 3
154 Mill on Liberty, Representative Government, and Utilitarianism 3
155 Mill's Political Economy
156 Tollemache's Safe Studies; do Stones of Stumbling 2
157 Syme's Outlines of an Industrial Science; do Modification of Organism 2
158 Irish Emigration, and the Tenure of Land in Ireland, by Lord Dufferin; Syme's Landlordism, &c. 2
159 Fortescue on Monarchy, 1714, calf
160 Reformatories in France; France under Richelieu and Colbert 3
161 A History of Agriculture, and Prices in England, by Thorald Rogers 4
162 Hearne's Plutology
163 Ricardo's Works, with Life, by M‘Culloch
164 Becker's Epidemics of the Middle Ages; Cairnes' Political Essays 2
165 Mulhall's Dictionary of Statistics; Bagehot's Lombard-street 2
166 Ward's Workmen's Wages; Danson's Wealth of the Household; Bacon's Essays 3
167 Representation of the People, by Maurice; Memoirs of Mathew Davenport Hill 2
168 Essays on Reform; The Reformed Parliament 2
169 The Great Landowners of Great Britain and Ireland, by John Bateman
170 Free Trade Speeches, by Villiers; do, Richard Cobden; do, John Bright 3
171 Kay's Free Trade in Land; Arnold's Free Land; Wallace's Land Nationalisation; Probyn's Land Tenure 4
172 Public Addresses of John Bright
173 The Maygars, their Countries and Institutions, by Arthur J. Patterson 2
174 Wallace's Russia, with Map
175 Studies in European Politics, by Grant Duff; and Grant Duff's Political Survey 2
176 Political Sketches, by Count Munster; York Powell's History of England, &c. 4
177 The Story of Grettir the Strong; Famous Pamphlets; The Agnostic's Progress; Huxley's Lectures 4

Works on Australia, &c.

178 DAVID BLAIR'S HISTORY of AUSTRALASIA, from the first dawn of discovery in the Southern Ocean to the establishment of self-government in the various colonies, with numerous illustrations and maps
179 Terry's Reminiscences of Thirty Years' Residence in New South Wales and Victoria; very scarce
180 R. Brough Smyth's The Aborigines of Victoria 2
181 Dawson's Australian Aborigines
182 Taplin's South Australian Aboriginal Polklore
183 E. M. Curr's The Australian Race, with Atlas 4
184 Lindt's Picturesque New Guinea
185 Inglis' Our Australian Cousins; do Our New Zealand Cousins 2
186 Wilkins' Australasia; Allen's History of Australia; Sutherland's do 3
187 Dr. Lang's Phillipsland; scarce
188 Sutherland's History of Australia; Moss's History of New Zealand; Handbook of Australia, 1859 3
189 Victoria, late Australia Felix, by Wm. Westgarth; Victoria and the Australian Gold Mines in 1867, by Wm. Westgarth 2
190 Wildey's Australasia and the Oceanic Region; Stock's Town Life in Victoria; Donaldson's Suburban Farming 3
191 Hill's What we Saw in Australia
192 United Australia; Muskett's Health and Diet of Children in Australia 2
193 Kamilaroi and Kurnal, by Lorimer Fison and A. W. Howitt
194 Wittstein's Organic Constitution of Plants, translated by Baron von Mueller
195 Westgarth's Early Melbourne; L'Australia, in Italian 2
196 Dr. Lang's History of New South Wales 2
197 Geological Observations in South Australia, by Rev. Julian Woods
198 Natural History of Victoria; The Prodromus of the Zoology of Victoria, by M‘Coy 20
199 M‘Ivor's Chemistry of Agriculture; Mackay's Australian Agriculture; Curr's Pure Saddle Horses 3
200 Müeller's Eucalyptus of Australia and Adjoining Islands; Descriptive Atlas 9
201 Müeller's Iconography of Australian Plants, Acacia, &c. 22
202 French's Destructive Insects of Victoria; Practice of the Houses of Parliament, and Foreign Parliaments 4
203 Rules and Regulations of Parliament 8
204 Catalogue of the Parliamentary Library; do Melbourne Exhibition; Records of the Federal Council 3
205 Constitution Reform Debates; South Australian Justices' Manual 2

Parliament, Victoria.

206 Victorian Statutes 1890, half-calf 5
207 do do 1887, do 5
208 do do 1874, do 6
209 Victorian Acts of Parliament, 1880–1891, half-calf 16
210 Victorian Parliamentary Debates, 1866–1891, half-morocco 68
211 Victorian Hansard, 1856–7, half-calf, 3 vols. in 2
212 Statistical Register of Victoria; Campbell on the Crown Lands of Victoria 2
213 National Australasian Convention; Debates; Federal Council of Australasia 3
214 Corpus Juris Civilis, half-calf 3
215 Catalogue of the Public Library of Victoria, half-calf 2
216 Votes and Proceedings of Victorian Legislative Council 6
217 do do do Assembly 20
218 Papers Presented to Parliament 28
219 Catalogue of the Parliamentary Library; Reports on Railways, Public Institutions, &c. 9

Poetry and Miscellaneous.

220 Life of General Gordon; The Daisy Chain; Don Quixote 3
221 Morley's Universal Library 6
222 Tennyson's Songs; Swiss Letters; Lawson's Wanderings in New Guinea 3
223 Gladman's School Works; Teaching and Training; Cowham's Graphic Lessons 3
224 Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Rome; Blunt's Ideas about India; Ramsay's Scottish Life and Character; White's Natural History of Selborne 4
225 Charles Knight's English Cyclopædia of Natural History 5
226 Pope's Works; old edition 9
227 Chaucer's Works 6
228 The Plays and Works of Marlowe, Webster, Ford, &c. (Mermaid Series) 4
229 The Poetical Works of Elizabeth B. Browning 5
230 A Collection of Very Fine Old Pamphlets—Historical, Social, Political, &c. 8
231 Sheridan's Complete Works; Praed's Poems 2
232 Hood's Poems; Brunton Stephen's Poems; and The New Timor, by Lord Lytton 3
233 Young's Poetical Works; Crabbe's do do 2
234 Rossetti's Humorous Poetry; Heben's Poems; Ballad Poetry of Ireland 4
235 Byron's Poems; Coleridge's do; Keat's do 3
236 Johnson's Lives of the Poets; Morley's First Sketch of English Literature 2
237 Robert Browning's Poems 2
238 Goldsmith's Works; Moore's Works 2
239 Shakespeare's Works; reprint of the early edition 3
240 Morte d'Arthur; and Lockhart's Spanish Ballads 3
241 Burns' Works, illustrated
242 Scott's Works
243 Ruskin's The Art in England
244 Ruskin's The Stones of Venice; morocco 2
245 Morley's English Men of Letters; various 6
246 Poems by Lowell, Landor, O. W. Holmes, &c. 7
247 Swinburn's Erectheus; Mangan's Poems; Letters and Remains of A. H. Clough 3
248 Tennyson's Idylls of the King, In Memoriam, &c. 4
249 Moxon's Miniature Poets; Byron's Letters, &c. 4
250 Butler's Hudibras; a fine rare old copy 2
251 The Oxford Spectator; Mrs. Jameson's Characteristics of Women; Satires of Juvenal, &c. 4
252 The Rolliad and Political Miscellanies; scarce
253 Moore's Lalla Rookh; Bon Gaultier's Book of Ballads; Golden Treasury 3
254 Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Rome; Shelley's Queen Mab; Poe's Poems, &c. 6
255 Bohn's Library—The British Poets 4
256 Bohn's Library—Memoirs of Col. Hutchinson; Richten's Flowers and Fruit; Demosthenes 3
257 do—Burke's Works 6
258 do—Cox's House of Austria, &c. 5
259 do—Russia, by Karamein; Rooke and Lague, edited by Kelly 2
260 do—Martineau's History of the Peace 4

Atlases, Maps, &c.

261 Historical Map of England, by C. E. Pearson 2
262 Keith Johnston's Royal Atlas of Modern Geography
263 Breen's Zoological Atlas
264 Spruner's Atlas Antiquus
265 Reminiscences of the Colonial and Indian Exhibition, illustrated

Medicine, Science, &c.

266 Quain's Anatomy, illustrated 2
267 Watson's Principles and Practice of Physic 2
268 Pereira's Materia Medica, illustrated 3
269 West's Diseases of Infancy and Childhood
270 Churchhill's Diseases of Women
271 Household Medicine, by Gardner; Graham's Diseases of Women; Ogle's The Haweian Oration 3
272 Leibig's Chemistry; Fownes' do; Wilson's Zoology 3
273 Lindley's Introduction to Botany 2
274 Herschell's Lectures; Poyser's Magnetism; Wright's Physics 8
275 Liddell and Scott's Greek and English Lexicon; Green's Euclid; Williams' Euclid 3
276 Maudsley's Mental Diseases; Medicine in Modern Times, &c. 3
277 Mines and Minerals; Daubeny's The Atomic Theory; Railway Appliances 3
278 Bishop Heber's Journal; Barbary; Missionary in Canada, &c. 4
279 The Book of Golden Deeds; Ramona; My Centennial Gift, &c. 5

Dictionaries, Foreign Languages, &c.

280 Dictionnaire de la Langue Francaise, par E. Littre, with Supplement 5
281 White and Riddell's Latin and English Dictionary 2
282 Liddell and Scott's Greek and English Lexicon, halfmorocco
288 Gesenius' Hebrew and English Lexicon
284 Theile's Hebrew Bible
285 Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar
286 Fleta seu Commentarius Juris Anglicani, by Johannis Seldeni
287 Bracton de Legibus, London, 1569
288 Duns Scotus, 2nd et 3rd Sententiarium; very scarce
289 Canons and Catechisms of the Council of Trent
290 Œneæ Sylvii Picolominei, postea; Pope Pius II. Historia Bohemica, Helmstadt, 1699
291 Vocabula Latini Italique, 1758
292 Sulpici Severi Presbyteri, Lvgdvini Batavor, 1674, (old vellum); very rare
293 Itineraria Symonis Simeonis, et Willelimi de Worcester; very scarce
294 Neuman's Spanish and English Dictionary 2
295 A Dictionary of Old Norman French and English, and the Laws of William the Conqueror, by Robert Kelham; scarce
296 Flugel's German Dictionary
297 Skeat's Concise Etymological English Dictionary
298 Suetonius Patinus, 1575
299 Jones' Welsh Dictionary, and Welsh Testament 2
300 Becker's Organism der Sprache; Mohler's Symbolie; Obras De St. Teresa 3
301 Bohemian and German Works 9
302 Sturluson's Norde Historiarum; Kon and Sagor 2
308 Petri Lombardi Sententiarum; Spanish Grammar, &c. 8
304 Instruction in the Netherlands; German Stories; English Grammar, &c. 8

French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin, &c.

305 Histoire de Marlborough; very old edition 3
306 Phillip's Englische Reichsgeschichte, half-calf 2
307 La Contre Revolution en Angleterre, par A. Carrel
308 Memoires de Bourrienne sur Napoleon 5
309 Thiers' Histoire de la Revolution Francaise 6
310 Henri Martin's Histoire de France 7
311 M. A. Thiers' Histoire du Consulat et de l'Empire 7
312 Capefigue Louis XIV. Relations Diplomatique 6
313 Barante's Histoire des Ducs de Bourgogne, half-calf 2
314 Memoirs, Secrets, et Critiques, par Gorani, half-calf 2
315 Ambassades de Noailles; calf 5
316 Essais de Montaigne
317 Le Progress; Philosophie de Bonheur; Un Touriste 3
318 Nos Grandes Colonies; Violet-Le-Duc 3
319 Bibliotheque Historique 6
320 La Terre et le Ciel 2
321 La Chef de la Science
322 Promenades Archéologiques, par Gaston Boissier 2
323 L'Education des Femmes, par les Femmes Theatre; Choisi de Marivaux, par Louis Moland 2
324 Les Femmes de France, de la Poesie Francaise, par Sainte Beuve 3
325 Histoire de la Langue Francaise, par Littre 2
326 Les Origines de la France Contemporaine, par H. Taine 2
327 Les Manuscrits et la Miniature, par Lecoq de la Marche 2
328 Mongel le Telephone Perez les Abeilles 2
329 L'Heritage de Darius; La Conquete de l'Inde, and 3 others 5
330 L'Ireland Sociale, Political, et Religieuse, par Beaumont 2
331 Œuvres Complete de Casimér Delavigne 4
332 Rousseau's Emile; Sardou's Sacs et Parchemins 2
333 Dante's La Divina Comedia; Trebutien's Poesies, Sallust, &c. 3
334 Œuvres Completes de Bastiat, half-calf 1
335 Ariosto Opera, 8 vols. in 4
336 Education et Instruction, par Greard 4
337 La Democratie en France au Moyen Age, &c. 4
338 La Photographie, par Tisander, &c. 4
339 French Novels; various 6
340 do do do 9
341 L'Afrique; L'Amerique; L'Europe, par Lanier 3
342 French Novels (various) 8
343 Works (various) in Russian 6
344 La Mecanique Moderne; La Voies Ferrees, par Bagle, &c. 4
345 French and Italian Works 6
346 French Works 7
347 French Works; various 8
348 Russian Poems, &c 4
349 Luther's Works
350 Ranke's Franzosische Geschichte 3
351 Luther's Tischreden 3
352 Schlosser's Geschichte Des Achtzhernten und Neunzehnten 8
353 Ranke's Preussische Geschichte, half-calf 3
354 Bunsen's The Egyptian, illustrated 2
355 Buttman's Greek Grammar; Buttman's Lexilogus 2
356 Il Parnasso Italiano, 2; Theatre Classico (Poems and Plays) 3
357 Œuvres de Molière 2
358 Madvig's Latin Grammar; O'Donovan's Irish Grammar 2
359 Campbell's Sophocles; Greek-Latin Notes 2
360 Calderon's Teatro Escogido; Science Ogle Lunier Michelis 2
361 Hauff's Works (German) 4
362 Frohlich's Deutch Worterbuch; Polnische Worterbuch, &c. 4
363 I'Promessi Sposi; Portuguese Dictionary, &c. 5
364 French and German Works; various 6
365 Corneille's Works 5
366 French Novels, various 5
367 Bibliotheque Rose, illustree 4
368 Romans de Voltaire, full-morocco
369 Le Code Napoleon Ordinance de Louis XIV., &c. 5
370 Fritz Reuter's Olle Romallen, &c. (German) 5
371 Travailleur de la Mer, par V. Hugo; Boite d'Argent, and le Heptameron 3
372 Italian, &c., Works 7
373 La Cuisine; Classique; and Duoidis Koochbuch (German and French Cooking Books) 3
374 Fontaine's Fables; other French Works 5
374A German Works 5


375 Italian Poems; German and Latin Old Books 8
376 Stories of the Wonderful Kingdom, &c. 17
377 African History; Handbook to India, &c. 5
377A Dindorff's Aristophanes 4


378 Butt's Ancient and Modern High Life in France; The Plague in London, &c. 4
379 The Student's Atlas; and Good Words 2
380 Neale's Residence in Siam; Geikie's Geology of Scotland, &c. 4
381 Glennie's Gardening; The Farmer's Manual, &c. 5
382 Wallace's Geographical Distribution of Animals 2
383 The Orbs of Heaven, by Mitchell; Maury's Physical Geography of the Sea 2
384 A Breeze from the Great Salt Lake; Lang's Notes of a Traveller, &c. 5
385 Wallace's Malay Archipelago; A Short American Tramp 2
386 Marcus Clarke's His Natural Life, &c. 3
387 Gordon's Last Letter; Stepniak's Underground Russia; Last Winter in Algeria 3
388 Ticknon's History of Spanish Literature 2
389 Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin; Shakespeare Reading Book, &c. 4
390 Marryatt's Peter Simple, &c.; Blake and Praed's Poems 6
391 Tales from Blackwood; Sylvia's Lovers, &c. 6
392 Trelawney's Records of Shelley, Byron, and the Author 2
393 Smile's Industrial Biography; George Ticknor's Life; Hume's Essays 3
394 Woodfall's Junius: Lord Houghton's Monographs 2
395 Olmsted's Journey and Exploration; In the Cotton Kingdom, &c. 3
396 Olmsted's A Journey in the Back Country; Kemble's Residence on a Georgian Plantation 2
397 The Baron's War, by Blaauw; The Transvaal War, by Lady Bellair
398 The Voiages and Travaile of Sir John Maundeville; curious 2
399 Swift's Works; old edition 24
400 Campbell's Poems, 2; Hazlitt's Round Table; Cowley's Essays, &c. 7
401 Tolstoi's A Russian Proprietor; Roderick Random; Old Kensington, &c. 4
402 Miss Marjoribanks; Loloma; Wheat and Tares, &c. 5
403 Paris Sketch Book; Songs of the South, &c. 8
404 Catalogue of the Royal Statistical Society
405 Harper's Young People; Good Words 2
406 M'Carthy's History of Our Own Times; do England under Gladstone 3
407 Dasent's Story of Burnt Njal 2
408 Conversations with Distinguished Persons during the Second Empire, from 1860–1863, by Nassau William Senior 4
409 A Cyclopæedia of Costume, or Dictionary of Dress by Planche, illustrated
410 Wright's Poultry Keeper; Our Dogs, by Heatly; 2 Cookery Books 4
411 Fancy Dresses Described; Poe's Tales; A Beleaguered City 3
412 Black's Picturesque Guide to Wales; Guide to Spain; America; and Illustrated Sweden 4
413 The Cruise of the Falcon; Guisti and His Times, &c. 4
414 Wall's Physical Geography of Australia, and 5 others 6
415 The History of FitzWarine, &c. 10
416 The Statesman's Year Book, &c. 5
417 Malthus' Political Economy, &c. 10
418 George Eliot's Felix Holt; do Romola 2
419 Charles Kingsley's Hypatia; do Two Years Ago; do Yeast 3
420 Mrs. Oliphant's The Makers of Florence; Edwards' Young's Travels in France 2
421 Nine Years' Old; Villette; Cousin Phillis, &c. 5
422 The Lion of the North; The New Republic, &c. 4
423 German Popular Stories; Rob Roy; The Dove in the Eagle's Nest, &c. 5
424 Stories of Invention; Novels, by Dumas; The Head of Medusa; Mirage 4
425 English History Reading Books 5
426 The Schools of Great Britain; The Report of the British Association; Meisse's English Education 3
427 Boswell's Life of Johnson; and Tour to the Hebrides, &c. 5
428 Dryden's Poems 3
429 Henry Crabb Robinson's Diary 2
430 Ackland's Memoirs of the Cholera at Oxford
431 Hazell's Annual; The History of the Year 3
432 Tales of Ancient Greece; Freaks on the Fells; Cyril, by Geoffrey Drake 3
433 Bret Harte's Works; Irish Fairy Legends; Mayhew's Peasant Philosopher 3
434 Lady Hanover's Cookery Book; Aunt Judy's Volume 2
435 Harper's Young People; Dickens' Old Curiosity Shop 2
436 Legends of Iceland; Dasent's Popular Tales from the Norse 2
437 Burton's Anatomy of Melancholy; Emerson's Works, &c. 5
438 The Boy's Froissart; Random Shots, by Max Adeler; Thiodolph the Icelander 3
439 Horton's History of the Romans, &c. 4
440 Markham's History of England; Buckley's Geo- graphy, &c. 5
441 Old Mortality; Waverley; The Antiquary 3
442 Nathaniel Hawthorne's Twice-told Tales; Mosses from an Old Manse, &c. 4
443 View of Society and Manners in France, Germany, &c. 2
444 Cox's Travels in Russia, Poland, &c. 5
444A Aunt Judy; Creechy, &c. 3
444B John Bull's Vineyard; Lamb's Elia, &c. 6

School Books, &c.

445 Clarendon Press Classics 33
446 Blackwood's Readers, and Longwood's Geographies 9
447 18 Drawing Books Lot
448 Gladman's School Method, &c. 11
449 Lindley's School Botany; Oxford Essays, &c. 1
450 De Quincey's Works, and School Books, &c. 12
451 School Books—English and French 12
452 do do do 11
453 Social Economy; Longman's Readers 12
454 Children's Treasury of Poetry, and School Books 12
455 The Castle of Otranto, &c. Lot
456 Monro's Homer's Iliad; Swedish and German Books 4
457 Nicholas'Peerage, and School Books 12
458 Life of Washington, &c. 9
459 The European's Table Talk, &c. lot
460 Kingsland's Elocution, and Classical Works 9
461 Scott's Last Minstrel, and Classical Works 8
462 English Men of Letters; Classical Books, &c. 10
463 Little Arthur's England; School Books, &c 12
464 Longman's School Trigonometry, and School Books 12
465 Statesman's Year Book, &c 7
466 University Calendars 5
467 Melbourne Directory, and the Louvre Picture Gallery 2
468 Lot of Pamphlets
469 Travels of Baron Munchausen, and School Books 9
470 Castle of Otranto, &c. Lot
471 Horace—England and Scotland, &c. 12


472 Australian Handbook; Colonial Year Book; 3 Exhibition Catalogues, &c. 6
473 Victorian Year Book 10
474 Age Annual, &c. Lot
475 Year Books and Reports Lot
476 Parliamentary Debates, Paper Lot
477 Census Reports, &c. Lot
478 Contemporary and Other Reviews Lot
479 Centennial and other Reviews Lot
480 Gilbert's Comic Operas, &c. Lot
481 North British Review, &c. Lot
482 Tennyson's Maud; Late Laurels, &c. Lot
483 Tales from Blackwood, &c. Lot
484 Shirley's Novels and Magazines Lot
485 Gaboriau's Novels, &c. 13
486 Novels by Ibsen, &c. Lot
487 The Pagan Child, &c. Lot
488 Russo-Afghan Question, &c. Lot
489 Little Folks, &c. Lot
490 Almanac De Gotha, &c. 10
491 Butterflies and Fairies, &c. 8
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