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No 51 & 52 1993

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Mobil Oil Australia has played a key role in the development of the Victorian economy for nearly 100 years.
When it opened its first business in Melbourne in 1895 it was an importer of a limited range of products.
That modest beginning laid the foundations for a major integrated oil and petroleum product company that is now one of Australia's largest.
Mobil petrol, lubricants and related products are made in local plants and sold throughout Australia and the Pacific Islands.
In addition to its role in the development of the Victorian economy Mobil has also contributed significantly to the nurturing of the arts in this State.
Its local sponsorships range from the establishment of the Performing Arts Museum, through to funding of the Melbourne International Festival, the Australian Print Workshop and curatorial and Koori art courses at Melbourne University.
The company is also highly active in a range of education, sport and community service projects.
After nearly 100 years as a “citizen” of Victoria, Mobil takes pride in the fact that it has been able to take an active role in the economic and cultural development of this State.
In this regard it welcomes the opportunity to support this special edition of the La Trobe Library journal and highlight the importance of the Library's collections and function.
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Burial Service in a Churchyard. Vigils of the Dead. Melbourne, State Labrary of Victoria, 096/R66Hm.f. 44r.
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The Friends of the State Library of Victoria Editor: Teresa Pagliaro
Proofreading: Andrew Lemon & Brian Hubber
Photography: Adrian Flint
Layout: Veronica Peek
Layout Assistant: Ruth Browning
Vol. 13, Nos 51 & 52 (Issued October 1993) Double Issue 1993


Preface — Teresa Pagliaro 2
“Of the Numerous Opportunities”: the Origins of the Collection of Medieval Manuscripts at the State Library of Victoria — Brian Hubber 3
The Codex Sancti Paschalis — Margaret M. Manion 11
Devotional Images and Pious Practices in a Psalter from Liege — Judith Oliver 24
The Sarum Breviary in the Baillieu and Bodleian Libraries — Michael Michael and Nigel Morgan 32
The Poissy Antiphonary in its Royal Monastic Milieu — Joan Naughton 38
The Poissy Antiphonal: a Major Source of Late Medieval Chant — John Stinson 50
“Me thowhte as I slepte that I was a pilgrime”: Text and Illustration in Deguilleville's Pilgrimages in the State Library of Victoria — Hilary Maddocks 60
Lorenzo's Book: a Medicean Manuscript of the Augustan History — Cecilia O'Brien 72
“The Daily Round, the Common Task”: Three Books of Hours in the State Library of Victoria — Vera Vines 80
Notes on Contributors 92
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