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No 63 Autumn 1999

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The La Trobe Journal

is published by the State Library of Victoria Foundation twice yearly in Autumn and Spring.
Editorial Committee: John Barnes (editor), Sandra Burt (assistant editor), John Arnold, Cathrine Harboe-Ree, Yvonne Hurley, Wallace Kirsop.
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Cover: The illustration on the front cover is a section of a watercolour, First Settlement at Port Albert [H1608, La Trobe Picture Collection], by Robert Russell (1808–1900), who was the first surveyor of Port Phillip, arriving in 1836. The painting is a product of a surveying expedition to Port Albert and Wilson's Promontory in 1843. It represents the locality in which the ‘White Woman of Gippsland’ (of whom Julie Carr writes in this issue) was supposed to have been shipwrecked and captured by Aborigines. A newspaper report (‘Supposed outrage by the Blacks’ Port Philip Patriot, 18 January 1841) of the ‘sighting’ of the White Woman is reproduced on the back cover.

The La Trobe Journal
No. 63 Autumn 1999


Obituary, Mary Baillieu 3
From the Editorial Chair 4
Ken Inglis The 1996 Stephen Murray-Smith Memorial Lecture: Right Words 5
John McLaren Radical Making and Unmaking: The Early Careers of Stephen Murray-Smith and Ken Gott 17
Damian Powell Annotation: Albert Jacka VC and the Conscription Debate 31
Julie Carr ‘The Great “White Woman” Controversy’ 37
Kim Torney Jane Duff's Heroism: ‘The Last Great Human Bush Story’? 46
John Thompson Library Profile: Stephen Murray-Smith 56
THE LA TROBE JOURNAL is edited by John Barnes, assisted by Sandra Burt, and is published twice a year by the State Library of Victoria Foundation.
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