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No 64 Spring 1999


‘Family and Friends’ Selected Photographs by Albert Tucker

In 1998 Albert Tucker donated to the State Library of Victoria ten of the photographs in the exhibition Albert Tucker: Family and Friends: 50 Years of Photographs, exhibited at Lauraine Diggins Fine Art, Malakoff Street, Caulfield North.
Grateful acknowledgement is made to the Tucker Estate for permission to reproduce four of the photographs here.
… I don't use a camera to take photographs as such; what I am thinking in terms of is reference and record for later on, I am looking for data, a characteristic thing that I might recognize as part of someone's features, characteristic, and fitting in with my consensus image. I'll grab a shot, just to get that one element.
The camera to me is an image collector just in the same way as is a piece of paper that I can draw on. The camera gives me another dimension of information about the person that I can't get by just sitting down and staring at them, when of course you get the comatose effect.
Albert Tucker, Introduction to catalogue of Faces I Have Met, an exhibition of paintings at Tolarno Galleries, April 1985.

Unknown photographer. Albert Tucker and Sweeney at Louise Tucker's home, 1947. Gelatin silver photograph, La Trobe Picture Collection.


Albert Tucker 1914-1999, photographer. John and Sunday Reed with Sweeney, Open Country, Murrumbeena, 1947. Gelatin siver photograph, La Trobe Picture Collection.


Albert Tucker 1914-1999, photographer. Joy Hester, Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne, 1942.

Over forty years after this photograph was taken, Albert Tucker made a crayon portrait of Joy Hester lying on grass and shading her eyes from the sun. (See ‘Joy Hester, 1983', reproduced in Albert Tucker, Faces I have Met, Melbourne, Hutchinson, 1986, p. 38.)

Albert Tucker 1914-1999, photographer. Portrait of Arthur Boyd in his studio, Open Country, Murrumbeena, c. 1944. Gelatin siver photograph, La Trobe Picture Collection.


Nolan's cover of Geoffrey Dutton's first book of poems. La Trobe Rare Books Collection, *LT A821.2

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