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No 80 Spring 2007

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Fortieth Anniversary Number

Louis Auguste de Sainson, artist. Hippolyte Vanderbunch, lithographer. Vue prise au Port Western dans la crique des mangliers. 1833. Colour lithograph. H25120. La Trobe Picture Collection.
Louis Sainson (1801–1887) was the draughtsman on the Astrolabe under the command of Dumont D'Urville, which was in Australian waters from October to late December 1826, visiting King George Sound, Westernport, Jervis Bay and Sydney. The fishermen in the scene were added by Victor Adam (1801–1866). Along with other lithographs of paintings by Sainson, this was printed in the Atlas historique (Paris, J. Tastu, 1833), which illustrated the official account of the expedition. It is thought to be the first printed view of Victoria. See R. D. J. Collins, ‘A note on de Sainson's views in Westernport Bay’, La Trobe Library Journal, no. 36. The lithograph is currently on show in ‘The Changing Face of Victoria’ exhibition in the Dome, level 5, State Library of Victoria.
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The La Trobe Journal

is published by the State Library of Victoria Foundation twice yearly in Autumn and Spring. Formerly the La Trobe Library Journal, it was published from 1968 to 1997 by the Friends of the State Library (now amalgamated with the State Library of Victoria Foundation).
Editorial Committee: John Barnes (editor), Sandra Burt (assistant to editor), John Arnold, Morton Browne, Shane Carmody, Anne Colman, Des Cowley, Yvonne Hurley, Wallace Kirsop.
Administrative assistant: Joanne Halpin.
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The La Trobe Journal
No. 80 Spring 2007


From the Editorial Chair 2
I Forty Years On: The Library and the Journal
Marjorie Tipping A Circle of Learning: Personal Memories 5
Wallace Kirsop Tristan Buesst, First President of the Friends of the La Trobe Library 15
Keith Dunstan Researching in the Library 20
Dianne Reilly, John Arnold, Paul de Serville Remembering the La Trobe Library 22
Tony Marshall On Being an Editor 38
John Arnold A Note on the History of the Journal 41
II Charles Joseph La Trobe
C. J. La Trobe A Letter from ‘Jolimont en Murs’ 45
Caroline Clemente Thomas Woolner's Portrait Medallion of C.J. La Trobe 52
John Barnes ‘More Beautiful than Port Phillip’: The La Trobe Family in Van Diemen's Land 65
Joan and Wallace Kirsop Vice-Regal Reading in Van Diemen's Land 75
John Barnes La Trobe and the Melbourne Public Library 79
III The Melbourne Scene
Shane Carmody John Batman's Place in the Village 85
Madeleine Say A Royal Duke in Melbourne: S.T. Gill's 1867 Drawings 102
Paul de Serville The Double Diary Keeper 109
Paul Fox Stretching the Imagination: Melbourne as a Conservative City 124
The La Trobe Journal is edited by John Barnes, assisted by Sandra Burt, and is published twice a year by the State Library of Victoria Foundation.
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