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No 82 Spring 2008


David Murray-Smith
A Kent Group & Bass Strait Bibliography:
selected contributions to Bass Strait studies by Stephen Murray-Smith

In the following an asterisk indicates significant reference to the Kent Group of islands.

A Publications

  • * Jones, J., M A Marginson & S Murray-Smith, 1970, 'South West Island and Other Investigations in the Kent Group', The Victorian Naturalist 87, 12 (December).

  • * Marginson, M.A., & S Murray-Smith, 1969, 'Further Investigations in the Kent Group', The Victorian Naturalist 86, 9 (September).

  • Marginson, M.A., & S Murray-Smith, 1972, 'Craggy Island, Bass Strait', The Victorian Naturalist 89, 8 (August).

  • * Mullett, J.H., & S Murray-Smith, 1967, 'First Footing on a Bass Strait Island: An Investigation of Dover Island in the Kent Group', The Victorian Naturalist 84, 8 (August).

  • Murray-Smith, S. (ed.), 1969 [and * revised edition, 1987], Bass Strait: Australia's Last Frontier, Australian Broadcasting Commission. Also [author] chapters, 'Discovery and Exploration', and * 'Lighthouses and Wrecks', in same.

  • Murray-Smith, S., 1973 (May), 'Scientific Investigation of Bass Strait: A Brief History', Proceedings Royal Society of Victoria 85, 2.

  • Murray-Smith, S., 1973 (December), 'Beyond the Pale: The Islander Community of Bass Strait in the Nineteenth Century', Papers and Proceedings 20, 4, Tasmanian Historical Research Association.

  • Murray-Smith, S., 1974, Many Moods and Many Voices: An Erith Island Journal, The Erith Island Press [self-published for family and friends; extracts from private journal of December 1973–January 1974].

  • * Murray-Smith, S., 1979, Mission to the Islands: The Missionary Voyages in Bass Strait of Canon Marcus Brownrigg, 1872–1885, Cat and Fiddle Press.

  • Murray-Smith, S., 1986a, 'The Islands of Bass Strait', in Dutton, G. (ed.), The Book of Australian Islands, Macmillan Australia.

  • Murray-Smith, S., 1986b, 'Three Islands: A Case Study in Survival', in Palmer, I. (ed.), Melbourne Studies in Education 1986, Melbourne University Press.

  • 119
  • Murray-Smith, S., J H Hope & F I Norman, 1973, 'A Bibliography of Bass Strait 1797–1971', Proceedings Royal Society of Victoria 85, 2.

  • Murray-Smith, S., & J Thompson, 1981, Bass Strait Bibliography, Victorian Institute of Marine Sciences.

Note also:

  • [As editor/publisher]: * Turner, I., 1975, 'Artists' Camp, Erith Island: March 1974', Overland 60.

B Audio-Visual

  • * Murray-Smith, S. [writer] & R Newton [producer/director], 1970, The Island People [television film], ABC for Schools.

C Related activities

  • * Annual expeditions to Erith Island, initiated by S Murray-Smith in December 1962 and continuing to his final summer (1987–88); and subsequently maintained by his family. These involved (inter alia) the introduction of notable writers, artists and scientists to the region, including Fred Williams, Rick Amor, Clifton Pugh, Ian Turner, Rhys Jones, Beth Gott, Joanna Murray-Smith. They also included the annual publication (and update) of a two-page brochure, Erith News, as a snapshot history/ guide to the Group for visitors.

  • * S Murray-Smith,, University of Melbourne: establishment and development of Deal Island Museum in Captain Brown's Cottage, East Cove–1970s/1980s.

  • * S Murray-Smith, co-founder and inaugural Board member of the Australian Lighthouse Association, from 1980; and inaugural editor of its journal, Prism, 1985–1988. Includes extensive lobbying of the Commonwealth to maintain a staffed presence on Australian lighthouses.

  • S Murray-Smith: numerous historical and environmental activities in the Furneaux Group, 1947–1988; including Patriarchs Wildlife Trust (Board member); Wybalenna Chapel restoration committee; recording of oral histories; support for local museums (Emita and Whitemark) and for residents' publications including J Davie, 1980, Latitude Forty [foreword]; R M Fowler, 1980, The Furneaux Group Bass Strait; I West, 1984, Pride Against Prejudice.

  • * S Murray-Smith was appointed by the Tasmanian Government as a warden and a Crown Lands Bailiff for the Kent Group, in the 1970s, only lapsing on his death in 1988. He also provided ongoing advice to Government on the nomenclature of geographical features of the Kent Group from the 1960s [most of which was implemented].