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No 87 May 2011

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is published by the State Library of Victoria Foundation twice yearly in May and December. Formerly the La Trobe Library Journal, it was published from 1968 to 1997 by the Friends of the State Library (since amalgamated with the State Library of Victoria Foundation).
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Illustration Credits
The following institutions and individuals have kindly allowed originals in their possession to be reproduced:
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All other illustrations, unless otherwise acknowledged, are from the State Library of Victoria and have been copied by the Imaging Studio or digitally downloaded from the Library's on-line catalogue:
The State Library of Victoria Foundation would like to thank the following for their support for this special issue of the La Trobe Journal: The Australian Centre, School of Historical and Philosophical Studies, University of Melbourne; the Australian Gay and Lesbian Archives; and Globe (Gay & Lesbian Organisation of Business & Enterprise).
Cover illustration
'Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne', viewed from the south-west corner of Swanston and Lonsdale Streets. Colour postcard, [c. 1906], Pictures Collection, State Library of Victoria, Accession No: H96.200/221. The image has been cropped slightly and its original caption removed. It can be seen in full at:

The La Trobe Journal

No. 87 May 2011
Queen City of the South: Gay and Lesbian Melbourne
Editorial 2
Graham Willett Making an Exhibition of Ourselves: GLQ History as Public History 4
Wayne Murdoch 'Phone me up sometime': Melbourne's homosexual subcultures in the interwar years 19
Richard Peterson The Australia, the Woolshed, and Sexual Gaze 32
Michael Hurley Aspects of Gay and Lesbian Life in Seventies Melbourne 44
Daniel Marshall Young Gays: towards a history of youth, queer sexualities and education in Australia 60
Bev Roberts Miss Newcomb's Teapot 74
Graham Willett and Jo Ritale Rennie Ellis at Gay Pride Week, September 1973 86
Susan Long Questions Arise: homosexual eroticism in a nineteenth-century family photographic album 94
Liz Ross Love's Coming of Age: Australian socialist and communist parties and sexuality 107
Shane Carmody The Naked Saint: Sir J. Edgar Boehm's St George and the Dragon 116
Phyllis Papps Barrett Reid: a charismatic chameleon 136
Kate Davison Agents of Social Change? LGBT voices in Australian museums 149
Graham Carbery Towards Homosexual Equality in Victoria 164
Graham Carbery Interview with Haddon Storey 167
Graham Willett and Gary Jaynes Melbourne's Queer History: a bibliography 174
Endnotes 178
Notes on Contributors 199
Queen City of the South: Gay and Lesbian Melbourne, a special issue of the La Trobe Journal, edited by Graham Willett and John Arnold and published by the State Library of Victoria Foundation.
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