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No 88 December 2011


Peter Dowling
Images Relating to Melbourne in the Illustrated Australian Newspapers, 1860-62

The following is extracted from a complete index to the nineteenth-century illustrated Australian newspapers. The index will be published in full in 2012.
IAM = Illustrated Australian Mail, IMP = Illustrated Melbourne Post, ISN = Illustrated Sydney News, NA = Newsletter of Australasia

Material Progress


St Kilda, on the bay, IMP, 2/62
Williamstown, IMP, 3/62 (first published NA, 10/1858, ill. A. Cooke, engr. W. Pett)
Melbourne, from the hills, Gardiner's Creek Road, IMP, 5/7/62
Brighton and the bay, Church Street railway station, IMP, 22/11/62 (ill. K. Burn, engr. S.C(alvert))
Brighton Beach, IMP, 20/12/62
St. Kilda and the bay, taken from the foot of Gray Street, looking towards Williamstown, IMP, 20/12/62


Bourke Street, Melbourne, IMP, 25/4/62 (ph. C. Nettleton)
Collins Street, Melbourne, IAM, 25/6/62
Junction of Collins and Elizabeth Streets, Melbourne, IMP, 25/10/62 (ill. N. Chevalier, engr, S.C(alvert))


The Roman Catholic College, Eastern Hill, Melbourne, IAM, 22/2/62 (Repr IMP, 7/2/63, ISN, 16/1/65)
Baptist Chapel, Collins Street, Melbourne, IAM, 22/3/62 (Repr IMP, 7/3/63)
The Melbourne Club house, IAM, 25/4/62 (Repr IMP, 28/2/63)
Bank of New South Wales, Melbourne, IMP, 25/4/62 (engr. Calvert)
Cafe de Paris, IAM, 24/5/62
English, Scottish, and Australian Chartered Bank, Elizabeth Street, IMP, 24/5/62
The Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum, Studley Park, IMP, 19/6/62 (engr. S.C(alvert)
General view of Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum, near Melbourne, IAM, 25/6/62
Toorak, the residence of His Excellency, Sir Henry Barkly, IMP, 5/7/62
Protestant Orphan Asylum, Emerald Hill, IMP, 19/7/62
Royal Terrace, Nicholson Street, IMP, 26/7/62
Oriental Bank, Melbourne, IMP, 2/8/62
Melbourne University, IMP, 2/8/62
The Model Schools, Melbourne, IMP, 9/8/62
Melbourne Hospital, IMP, 16/8/62 [Former Queen Victoria Hospital]
Parliament House, Melbourne, IMP, 23/8/62
The Library, Parliament Houses, Melbourne, IAM, 25/8/62 (Repr IMP, 14/2/63, ill. Cooke, engr. F.G(rosse))
Warders' Quarter, Swanston St., Melbourne, IMP, 30/8/62
New Treasury, Melbourne, IMP, 6/9/62
Goldsbrough's Wool Store, William Street, corner of Bourke Street, IAM, 25/9/62 (Repr IMP, 22/9/63, ill. A. Cooke, engr. F.G(rosse))
The Tepidarium, IMP, 18/10/62
Turkish Baths, Lonsdale St, Melbourne, IMP, 18/10/62
Clough's Wool Warehouse, Collins Street West, IAM, 25/10/62
Astronomical Observatory, Williamstown, IMP, 15/11/62
Street Architecture – Offices of the Colonial Insurance Company, IAM, 25/11/62 (engr. F. Grosse)


Saturday night in Melbourne; and in London, IAM, 22/3/62 (ill. M.S(cott)) [Two contrasting images of markets, depicting prosperity in Melbourne and poverty in London.]
Eastern Market on a Saturday night, IMP, 26/7/62
Saturday morning in the Eastern Market, IMP, 2/8/62
Eastern Market, Melbourne, IAM, 25/8/62 (ill. N. Chevalier)
Horse market, Bourke Street West, Melbourne, IMP, 13/9/62


Sugar works, Sandridge, IMP, 27/9/62


The Exhibition Building, Melbourne, IMP, 1/62
The Melbourne exhibition for the 'World Fair', IMP, 2/62 (engr. Calvert)
Prize Wool Cup, IAM, 22/3/62
Poultry Show at the Exhibition Building, Melbourne, IAM, 25/8/62
Prize Cup – Horse Show, IAM, 25/9/62


The Botanical Gardens, IAM, 25/10/62 (Repr, IMP, 14/3/63)
– Lover's walk; Entrance from Richmond Park; General view; The aviary; Entrance from the north-east
Carlton Gardens, IMP, 22/3/62
Rose Show, Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, IMP, 8/11/62


Mr Sumner's design for the Burke monument, IAM, 20/12/61 (Repr IAM, 22/12/62)


The rush to New Zealand. Hobson's Bay railway pier, NA, 10/61 (Repr IMP, 2/62)
Williamstown, NA, 10/58 (Repr IMP, 3/62, ill. A. Cooke, engr. W. Pett)
The Great Britain steamer, 3,500 tons, IMP, 16/8/62
Great steam ship – (Design for the British and Australian Steam Navigation Company), IAM, 25/9/62 (ill. C. Clarke, engr. F. Grosse)

Transport & Communications

Bourke Street, the start for Beechworth, NA, 7/61 (Repr IMP, 20/9/62) [Depicts coach departing from depot]
Accident on the Melbourne and Suburban railway, IAM, 24/5/62
Hawthorn railway bridge, IMP, 26/7/62
St. Kilda railway terminus, IMP, 9/8/62
English mail day – Melbourne, IMP, 23/8/62 (ill. N.C(hevalier))
New Post-Office, Melbourne, IMP, 23/8/62
View of the Yarra. Simpson's Road ferry, IMP, 20/12/62

Civic Culture

Civic Occasions

Exploration Expedition: The Start from Royal Park, NA, 9/60 (Repr NA, 12/61, ill. G. Strafford) [Burke & Wills]
Departure of the Australian Exploring Expedition, from the Royal Park, Melbourne, August 20th, 1860, IAM, 25/11/61
Presentation to John King, the explorer, IAM, 25/9/62 (Repr IAM, 22/12/62)
Fete at Toorak. The lawn party, IMP, 15/11/62


W.J. Wills, IAM, 25/11/61 (ph. T.A. Hill)
Robert O'Hara Burke, IAM, 25/11/61 (ph. T.A. Hill)
Victorian Exploring Expedition portraits, IAM, 20/12/61
– Alfred Howitt, Leader of the Contingent Expedition (ph. Batchelder & O'Neill)
– John King, sole surviver of the Burke Expedition (ph. Batchelder & O'Neill)
– Dr. Ludwig Becker, artist and botanist to the Burke Expedition (ph. Unknown)
– Charles Gray, assistant, Burke Expedition. Died near Cooper's Creek, returning from Carpentaria
Burke and Wills, NA, 12/61 (Repr IMP, 1/62)
King, NA, 12/61 (Repr IMP, 1/62)
Ludwig Leichardt, IMP, 1/62
The O'Shannassy Administration, IAM, 25/6/62 (5 portraits)
James G. Beaney, Esq., F.R.C.S, IAM, 25/6/62 [Medical doctor]
Sir Henry Barkly, K.C.B., Governor of Victoria, IMP, 5/7/62 (ph. Batchelder & O'Neill, engr. S.C (alvert))
The members of the Administration, IAM, 21/7/62 (5 images) [Victorian cabinet members]
Michael Eades Esq., M.D., IMP, 16/8/62 [Medical doctor & Mayor]
Mr Landsborough, IMP, 23/8/62 [Leader of a Burke and Wills rescue attempt]
John McKinley, Esq., the explorer, IMP, 27/9/62 (ph. Frith)
Dr Perry, Bishop of Melbourne, IMP, 4/10/62 (Repr ISN, 31/10/68, ph. Batchelder & O'Neill, engr. S.C(alvert))
Rev. H.H. Handfield, incumbent of St. Peter's, Eastern Hill, Melbourne, IMP, 8/11/62 (engr. S.C(alvert))
The Rev. Isaac New, pastor of the Albert St. Chapel, IMP, 29/11/62 (Repr ISN, 16/3/65, ph. Frith, engr. S.C(alvert))
Edward Cohen, Esq., M.L.A., Mayor of the City of Melbourne, IMP, 13/12/62 (ph. Frith)
John Vans Agnew Bruce, Esq., IMP, 27/12/62 (Repr IMP, 11/4/63, ph. Frith) [Chief engineer of Melbourne-Sandhurst railway]

The Arts

The Christmas pantomime at the Theatre Royal, IAM, 20/12/61
The Public Library, Melbourne, IMP, 22/3/62
Scene from the opera of 'Lurline', IAM, 22/3/62
Madame Lucy Scott, IAM, 25/4/62
Mr Henry Squires, IAM, 25/4/62
Mrs Robert Heir, IMP, 25/4/62 [Repr IMFN, 6/2/57?]
Mr Joseph Jefferson, IAM, 24/5/62 (engr. F.G(rosse))
Mr Renee Douay, IMP, 24/5/62 [Musician]
M. Horace Poussard, IMP, 24/5/62 (engr. S.C(alvert) [Musician]
Mr Anthony Reiff, IMP, 19/6/62 (ph. Davies) [Musician]
Mr Richard Wildblood Kohler, IMP, 19/6/62 (ph. Hill) [Musician]
First Reading Room, Public Library, Melbourne, IMP, 30/8/62
Theatre Royal, IMP, 11/10/62
William Saurin Lyster, IMP, 11/10/62
Miss Aitkin, the elocutionist, IMP, 18/10/62
Mr Charles Dillon, IAM, 25/11/62


Frontispiece depicting colonial leisure pursuits, NA, 1/60 (Indexer's title, ill. G. Strafford)
Grand intercolonial cricket match, NA, 3/60 (Repr IMP, 1/62 as 'The match, from the grandstand. All-Eng 11 in the field', ill. G. Strafford, engr. S. Calvert)
View on the Yarra, from Richmond Paddock, Regatta Day, NA, 6/60 (Repr IMP, 18/4/63, ill. S. Calvert)
New grand stand, Melbourne Race-Course, NA, 11/60 (Repr IMP, 22/3/62)
Frontispiece depicting figures representing colonial leisure pursuits, NA, 2/61 (Repr (part of) IMP, 1/62 as Sports and Recreations in Australia)
Christmas in Australia. Pic-nic on the Yarra, IAM, 20/12/61 (Repr IAM, 22/12/62)
The All-England cricketers, IAM, 18/1/62 (ph. Hill)
Cricket match, played on the Melbourne Cricket Ground, between the eleven of All England and eighteen of Melbourne, IAM, 18/1/62
Caledonian Gathering at Melbourne, on the 26th, 27th and 28th Dec., 1861, IAM, 18/1/62
The All-England eleven outside the Cafe de Paris, IMP, 1/62 (Repr NA, 1/62)
The match, from the grandstand. All-Eng 11 in the field, IMP, 1/62 (See 'Grand intercolonial cricket match', NA, 3/60)
Palestine – The winner of the Great Western Produce Stakes, 1862, IAM, 22/2/62
The Maori warriors at the Prince's Theatre, IMP, 20/9/62 (engr. S.C(alvert))
Gymnasium baths, St. Kilda, IMP, 22/11/62
Brighton Beach, IMP, 20/12/62 (CR Panoramas)
Cremorne Gardens, IMP, 20/12/62

Military & Naval

The Colonel of the Victorian Volunteers and staff (Colonel Pitt, Captain Hall and Captain Pitt), IAM, 22/2/62 (ph. Batchelder & O'Neil, ill. N.C(hevalier), engr. Grosse & Jenny)
The Commander of the forces in Victoria, IMP, 2/62 (Repr NA, 6/62, ill. G. Strafford) [Major General Sir Thomas Pratt, KCB]
Victorian Volunteer Artillery, IAM, 22/3/62
Volunteer land and sea fight at Pt. Ormond, St. Kilda Beach, IMP, 19/7/62
Yarra Bend patient, in the bag, IMP, 19/6/62
Hospital patient, under restraint, IMP, 19/6/62

Frontier Culture


Dight's Mills, on the Yarra, near Melbourne, NA, 2/61 (Repr IMP, 4/10/62, engr. S. Calvert)
View of the Yarra Yarra, IAM, 22/3/62 (ill. N.C(hevalier(, engr. F. Grosse)

Title page, The Catalogue of the Melbourne Public Library for 1861.