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No 58 Spring 1996

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La Trobe Library Journal
No. 58 Spring 1996 (Issued May 1997)
published by The Friends of the State Library of Victoria
The Australian Manuscripts Collection
Guest editors — Shona Dewar and Sandra Burt


1 Introduction Stuart Macintyr 1
2 George Mercer: two recent acquisitions Jock Murphy 2
3 The Charles Joseph La Trobe archive: an overview Dianne Reilly 7
4 Paper trails: the navigational records of the Burke and Wills Expedition in the State Library of Victoria Gerard Hayes 14
5 Overseas travel of Australian women Ros Pesman 19
6 Illustrated diaries in the Australian Manuscripts Collection Shona Dewar 27
7 Kate Baker and “a matter of national importance” Sandra Burt 33
8 Select bibliography of books published since 1990 which have drawn upon the Australian Manuscripts Collection Compiled by Margaret Burnett, Jane Nicholas and Lois McEvey 38
9 Select list of accessions 1992–1996 Compiled by Gerard Hayes 39
Editors' note: Unless otherwise noted, all manuscript sources are La Trobe. All essays, with the exception of that of the La Trobe Librarian. Dianne Reilly, and the one by Ros Pesman, are by staff of the Australian Manuscripts Collection.
Front cover illustration: Detail from MS 12075. Alexander Goodall Diary. 1895. La Trobe Australian Manuscripts Collection, State Library of Victoria.
ISSN 0041–3151