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No 71 Autumn 2003

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The La Trobe Journal

is published by the State Library of Victoria Foundation twice yearly in Autumn and Spring.
Editorial Committee: John Barnes (editor), Sandra Burt (assistant to editor), John Arnold, Shane Carmody, Yvonne Hurley, Wallace Kirsop, Jack Moshakis, Shelley Roberts.
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Front Cover: Sir Francis Grant (1803–1878); Detail from Charles Joseph La Trobe (1855); oil on canvas, 217 x 103 cm; donated to the State Library of Victoria by Mrs La Trobe Bateman of Sark, Channel Islands, 1954. [For further details see ‘La Trobe in the State Library: A Bibliography’ in this issue.]
Back Cover: top — Unknown artist. ‘Mr La Trobe’. Pencil drawing on cream paper, c. 1824-c. 1832. La Trobe Picture Collection. H81 20/1; middle — Unknown artist. Charles Joseph La Trobe aged about 22 [1823]. From the collection of Fonds Petitpierre, Archives de l'Etat, Neuchâtel; bottom — Hamel & Co. Lithographers. C.J. La Trobe / Lieutenant-Governor of Victoria / July 1851 to May 1854. Chalk lithograph with tint on stone, c. 1860. La Trobe Picture Collection. H 30625.

The State Library of Victoria Foundation
gratefully acknowledges the generous donation from
towards the publication of the Charles Joseph La Trobe Number of The La Trobe Journal.

The La Trobe Journal
No. 71 Autumn 2003


From the Editorial Chair
Dianne Reilly Charles Joseph La Trobe: An Appreciation 5
John Mason Benjamin and Christian Ignatius La Trobe in the Moravian Church 17
C.J. La Trobe Extracts from Private Journals:
A Pedestrian in the Tyrol and Italy (1830) 29
Breakfast with Sir Walter Scott (1831) 36
A Bison Hunt in North America (1832) 38
On Official Business in the West Indies (1837) 39
John Barnes Hunting the Buffalo with Washington Irving:
La Trobe as Traveller and Writer 43
Dianne Reilly The Creation of a Civil Servant:
La Trobe in the West Indies 67
A.G.L. Shaw Victoria's First Governor 85
Robert Kenny La Trobe, Lake Boga and the ‘Enemy of Souls’:
The First Moravian Mission in Australia 97
Paul Fox Cultivating Civilisation at Port Phillip:
La Trobe's Colonial Experience 113
C.J. La Trobe Letters from the Colony 130
Dianne Reilly La Trobe's Marriage with his ‘Deceased Wife's Sister' 143
Margot Hyslop Charles Joseph La Trobe in the State Library: A Bibliography 151
Notes on Contributors 178
The La Trobe Journal is edited by John Barnes, assisted by Sandra Burt, and is published twice a year by the State Library of Victoria Foundation.
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