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No 83 May 2009

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The La Trobe Journal

is published by the State Library of Victoria Foundation twice yearly in Autumn and Spring. Formerly the La Trobe Library Journal, it was published from 1968 to 1997 by the Friends of the State Library (since amalgamated with the State Library of Victoria Foundation).
Editorial Committee: John Arnold (Editor), Michael van Leeuwen, Shane Carmody, Anne Colman, Des Cowley, Kevin Molloy, Greg Kratzmann and Dianne Reilly. Administrative assistant: Taegan Munro.
Editorial address: Editor, The La Trobe Journal, State Library of Victoria Foundation, 328 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000. E-mail: [email protected]
Contributions are invited on scholarly topics and are subject to refereeing.
Opinions expressed in The La Trobe Journal are those of the individual contributors and no responsibility is accepted for them by the Editorial Committee or the State Library of Victoria Foundation.
Copyright of material published in The La Trobe Journal is vested in the author, except where stated otherwise.
The State Library of Victoria Foundation acknowledges the support of the National Centre for Australian Studies, Faculty of Arts, Monash University, in providing time relief for the Editor.
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Images on pages 26, 42–43, 91, 94, 95, 108, 114, and 117 supplied by the Imaging Studio, State Library of Victoria.
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Cover design by Mark Brewster featuring covers of titles featured in this issue. The one of Power without Glory is from the State Library of Victoria collection, the others from private collections. The editor wishes to thank Gavin De Lacy (for Trap and Greek Key Pattern), Robin Lucas (for Fourteen Years) and Terence O'Neill (for Picnic at Hanging Rock).
The La Trobe Journal
No. 83 May 2009


Editorial 2
Chris Wallace-Crabbe Sweet Yarra, Run Softly 4
Derham Groves Crime and Architecture: designing a centre for Australian Crime Fiction 13
Gavin De Lacy Three Neglected Women Writers of the 1930s: Jean Campbell, ‘Capel Boake’ and ‘Georgia Rivers’ 27
Terence O'Neill Joan Lindsay: a time for everything 41
John Barnes Remembering the Palmers 57
Robin Lucas ‘A Fine Ruddy Mess’: the publication of Nettie Palmer's Fourteen Years 69
Graham Willett Moods of Love and Commitment: Laurence Collison in Melbourne 77
Des Cowley Proof Copy or Clandestine Edition?: the ‘Fraser’ copy of Power without Glory 91
Peter Pierce Sunshine and Shambles: the Peter Mathers Papers 101
Angus Trumble A Letter of Introduction ‘for Mr Andrew M McCrae and his four sons’ 109
Mimi Colligan Theatre in the Neild Scrapbooks 113
Notes on Contributors 120
The LA Trobe Journal is edited by John Arnold and published twice a year by the State Library of Victoria Foundation.
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