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No 85 May 2010

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The La Trobe Journal

is published by the State Library of Victoria Foundation twice yearly in May and December. Formerly the La Trobe Library Journal, it was published from 1968 to 1997 by the Friends of the State Library (since amalgamated with the State Library of Victoria Foundation).
Editorial Committee: John Arnold (Editor), Michael van Leeuwen, Shane Carmody, Anne Colman, Des Cowley, Kevin Molloy, Greg Kratzmann and Dianne Reilly. Administrative assistant: Taegan Munro.
Article referees: John Bradley, Annie Clarke, Brett Hutchins, Stephen Legg, Anne Marsh, Liz Reed, Keir Reeves, Thomas Richards and Zora Simic. Contributors who also acted as referees include Sue Taffe, Ian McNiven and Richard Broome.
Volunteer editorial assistant: Amy Hawley
Proof readers: Suzette Chapple, Anne Colman, Ellie Dargaville, Amy Hawley, Kevin Molloy, Terry O'Neill, and Lurline Stuart
Editorial address: Editor, The La Trobe Journal, State Library of Victoria Foundation, 328 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000. E-mail: [email protected]
Contributions are invited on scholarly topics and are subject to refereeing. Opinions expressed in The La Trobe Journal are those of the individual contributors and no responsibility is accepted for them by the Editorial Committee or the State Library of Victoria Foundation.
Copyright of material published in The La Trobe Journal is vested in the author, except where stated otherwise.
The State Library of Victoria Foundation acknowledges the support of the National Centre for Australian Studies, Faculty of Arts, Monash University, in providing time relief for the Editor.
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Acknowledgements: The State Library of Victoria Foundation would like to thank the sponsors whose logos appear below plus the Annemarie and Arturo Gandioli Fumagalli Foundation. It would also like to make a special acknowledgement to the Centre for Australian Indigenous Studies at Monash University, particularly to Diane De Zilwa for administrative support for its Director, Professor Lynette Russell.
Illustration credits
Cover: Fred. Kruger, Aboriginal Cricketers at Corranderrk [sic], ca. 1877.
Albumen silver photograph, 11.5 × 16.0 cm.
H33802/23, Pictures Collection, State Library of Victoria
Pages 2 and 30-31 courtesy of the National Library of Australia. All other images unless otherwise stated are from the collections of the State Library and have been copied by the Imaging Studio, State Library of Victoria.


Lynette Russell Repressed, Resourceful and Respected 3
Ian D. Clark George Augustus Robinson on Charles Joseph La Trobe: personal insights into a problematical relationship 13
Fred Cahir 'Are You off to the Diggings?': Aboriginal guiding to and on the goldfields 22
Barry Judd 'It's Not Cricket': Victorian Aboriginal cricket at Coranderrk 37
Raymond Madden James Dawson's Scrapbook: advocacy and antipathy in colonial Western Victoria 55
Victoria Haskins and Shannon Schedlich-Day My Mate Ellen: cross-cultural friendship between women in a'pioneer memoir' 70
Ian J. McNiven and Damein Bell Fishers and Farmers: historicising the Gunditjmara freshwater fishery, Western Victoria 83
Maxine Briggs, Jane Lydon and Madeleine Say Collaborating: photographs of Koories in the State Library of Victoria 106
Helen Gibbins Possum Skins Cloaks: tradition, continuity and change 125
Richard Broome At the Grass Roots of White Support: Victorian Aboriginal Advancement League Branches 1957-1972 141
Sue Taffe Fighting for Lake Tyers 157
Jane Miller A Guide to Government Acts, Reports and Regulations Relating to Indigenous Victorians 172
Endnotes 183
Notes on Contributors 207